Local influencers for global good


28 October - 2nd November 2019

Local Influencers for Global Good.

The World YMCA, in partnership with eLab is inviting you to an international innovation camp in Switzerland to explore your own purpose, create solutions to meet the needs of your local community and to empower you to train other people with the same focus.

With challenges such as; the digitisation and automation of jobs and the global ecological crisis, there is a need for people who create local solutions for global good. YMCA have always had the focus to enable others, core part of being a global influencers is top pass on this knowledge of projects both big and small.

It is on a pay forward basis. The core costs of the camp are covered but you are required to pass on all that learn to others as payment.


The Camp

A unique time to network, train and form new ideas and solutions. Find out more about what the October innovation camp will involve. Including some of the activities and toolkit.

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The Multiplication

A core part of being a global influencer is to pass on the knowledge and experiences to others. Start to connect to the wider community on the facebook page.

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The Team

Meet the people behind the 2019 innovation camp. A team of international mentors, serial entrepreneurs and trainers. They look forward to meeting you in person.

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The Camp

A time to explore your own purpose and help create solutions to meet the needs of your local community.



1) Record a video (max 4mins) and upload to a shareable platform
answering the following questions:
- Who are you?
- Why do you want to participate in the Camp?
- What are you doing at the moment? Job / other activities
- What are your strengths?
- What are your dreams?

2) Fill out an application form and answer the questions on the form.

The team will select a final list of participants based on prior experience, potential for job creation, entrepreneurship and regional balance.

Applications are now closed. 


The Participants of the camp have to meet the following criteria;

  • Available to come to Switzerland 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019

  • A group of two people, both aged between 18-30

  • Be ready to pass on and share what they have learned to others and to be connected to the growing movement of Global Influencers

  • People who have engaged with a YMCA Entrepreneurship program previously or engage with the local expression of YMCA and received approval

  • Already have experience in initiating, founding or directing a project

  • Most importantly you need to be looking to either start a business, organisation, association or initiative or take one to the next level


An international innovation camp to explore your own purpose, create solutions to meet the needs of your local community, and to empower you to train other people with the same focus.



Meet the team

Meet the team behind this years innovation camp.