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1) Record a video (max 4mins) and upload to a shareable platform
answering the following questions:

- Who are you?
 - Why do you want to participate in the Camp?
 - What are you doing at the moment? Job / other activities
 - What are your strengths?
 - What are your dreams?

2) Fill out an application form here, answering the questions.

World YMCA will select a final list of participants based on prior experience, potential for job creation, entrepreneurship and regional balance.

Applications will be closed on the 31st July 23:59

Contact the team with further questions


The Participants of the camp have to meet the following criteria;

  • Available to come to Switzerland 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2019

  • A group of two people, both aged between 18-30

  • Be ready to pass on and share what they have learned to others and to be connected to the growing movement of Global Influencers

  • People who have engaged with a YMCA Entrepreneurship program previously or engage with the local expression of YMCA and received approval

  • Already have experience in initiating, founding or directing a project

  • Most importantly you need to be looking to either start a business, organisation, association or initiative or take one to the next level

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Link to 2min application video, that we can view.